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How to Tighten That Flabby Arm Fat

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How to Tighten That Flabby Arm Fat

Dr. Eric Berg DC

Hormonally, at 38, things start shifting in the body. Over a period of a few more years of age like 50ish, hormonally, the ovary stops working.

There is a backup organ which is the adrenal. So, it will shift from the ovarian hormones to the adrenal hormone.

If there is anything wrong with that adrenal BEFORE menopause and the ovary starts having problems, everything is magnified like loose skin, hot flashes, and bone loss. There is a loss of collagen which is loss of hormones.

Hormones that decrease:

â–ºTestosterone – affects body mass.

â–ºDHEA – anti-stress hormone that is made by the adrenal gland.

â–ºEstrogen – Controls fertility and the menstrual cycle.

â–ºProgesterone – Second half of the menstrual cycle.

â–ºGrowth Hormone – Responsible for the loose skin. When you are an adult, it controls the burning of fat, tightening of muscles, energy, collagen, all the protein – hair, nails, and skin, which goes down as you age.

After menopause, most women go through what they call estrogen dominance. What they mean is the ratio of estrogen to progesterone.

Even though the estrogen goes low the progesterone really goes low, too. However, the estrogen is higher or dominant.

If the cortisol is too high, it destroys the muscles and your body goes into a catabolic state which is the breakdown of muscles and proteins faster than you can build it u p.

You will see loose skin and a saggy stomach. So, you have two hormones destroying your body – growth hormone and cortisol. 

What to Do About Saggy Skin

You want to lower your cortisol and raise growth hormone. Since cortisol is triggered by stress, everything you do is an order to reduce stress.

For lowering cortisol, you should do:

â–ºLow intensity exerc ise like walking.

â–ºIncrease sleep.

â–ºSupport gland with nutrition and acupressure.

â–ºAvoid stress such as people in certain situations.

â–ºIncrease potassium intake with vegetables.

â–ºIncrease intake of B Vitamins like nutritional yeast.

â–ºAvoid sugar.

To raise growth hormone, you should do:

â–ºHigh intensity exercise after fixing sleep and lowering the cortisol. Exercises like full body - short workouts with plenty of rest in between.

â–ºIncrease sleep.

â–ºAdd protein, no more than 6 grams per meal.

â–ºIntermittent fasting – get rid of snacks between the meals.

â–ºLower cortisol and insulin (no sugar).

â–ºSupport liver.

You"ll see within the next month that the tightness of the skin will start coming back. However, if your stomach is not strong enough as far as the acidity is concerned, meaning you get bloating, acid reflux, burping, and gas – you can’t break down the collagen or the protein.

You can take something to acidify the stomach and pull in that collagen into the cells to allow your skin, nails, and hair to come back. It will also allow you to absorb the minerals better, too.

And if you have any questions  or any success you’d like to share, please let me know! I always love hearing from my readers.

     -Dr. Eric Berg DC

Last updated: Apr 03, 2022 13:21 PM