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Are chickens safe to consume?

There are 9 billion chickens and turkeys sold every single year and 99.9% of them are factory-farmed. In 1925, it took 125 days to grow and mature a chicken, and nowadays it would only take 47 days to a full adult chicken. He also talks about the type of chicken to consume which is the “Pasture-raised and Organic” chicken.

CAFOs or Confined Animal Feeding Operations 

• Antibiotics – Found in the chicken

• Arsenic – Poison and it makes the chicken meat very pink. It is highly concentrated in the feathers – they use the feather to feed as feed the chickens. And later found residues of Benadryl, Acetaminophen, and Prozac and they used them for anxiety.

• Caffeine

• Vegetarian Feed – It is really GMO grains like corn and soy. 

Type of Chicken 

• Cage-free –no longer in the cage. They are able to live in the cage and go into the barn which is about a hundred thousand chickens in a small space.

• Free Range –no longer in the cage, they are in the barn but there is a hole and they can live in the barn occasionally (they have the access to live in the barn).

• Pasture-raised – They are outside the barn. 

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