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What are the benefits of olives, olive oil and olive leaf extract?

Olives have been around for a long time. They’re actually considered to be a fruit. While olives, olive oil, and olive leaf extract all have amazing benefits, olive leaf extract combined with oregano oil could be a really good antimicrobial natural remedy.  

Potential health benefits of olives: 

• Olives may help prevent clotting 

• Olives have vitamin E and pre-vitamin A

• Olives have copper

• Olives have iron 

• Olives may be good for high blood pressure  

Potential health benefits of olive oil (extra virgin): 

• It’s a potent anti-inflammatory 

• It’s anti-cancer 

• It has vitamin E 

• It supports a healthy heart, the arteries, and the blood sugars  

Potential health benefits of olive leaf extract:  

• It’s anti-viral 

• It’s anti-bacterial 

• It’s anti-fungal

• It’s anti-MRSA 

• It could act as a natural antibiotic 

• It could help blood pressure 

• It may help with allergies 

• It’s anti-tumor  

Last updated: Feb 28, 2023 21:21 PM