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What are the dangers of soy?

Not only is most of the soy sold in America GMO, but if it’s not fermented, it can give you a lot of problems.  When soy is not fermented, it’s considered an anti-nutrient. This means it has certain enzyme blockers that block the absorption of proteins. It also has phytic acid that blocks important minerals.  You might think you don’t consume a lot of soy, but it’s actually hidden in a lot of different foods. It’s in a lot of vegetable oils, and it’s even in a lot of the different protein bars and diet shakes. Soy is also hiding in a lot of vegetarian meats. Infant formulas are mainly soy-based, which can create a bad situation for a baby.  

Soy can have: • An estrogenic effect • An anti-nutrient effect • A GMO effect Some people can handle consuming a smaller amount of organic fermented soy. 

Last updated: Jan 25, 2023 02:33 AM