Natural Remedies

Are beets good for liver?

Beets have a lot of amazing properties. They can actually bind and hook up toxins and poisons and convert them to water-soluble particles. Beets can essentially help transform poisons into non-poisons. 

Other benefits of beets:

• They support the eyes 

• They support the blood pressure and arteries

• They help reduce fat from accumulating on the liver 

• They help prevent DNA damage (decreasing the risk of cancer and shrinking tumors in certain places in the body) 

• They are loaded with vitamin C, manganese, and copper  

If you’re going to consume beets, I would recommend that you steam them for no longer than 15 minutes. They’re great to have on salads. Beets are higher are high on the glycemic index, but they have a low glycemic load because they’re high in fiber. This means that they won’t spike your blood sugars unless you juice them. You can steam them, cook them (but don’t overcook them), or have pickled beets. 

Last updated: Sep 20, 2023 10:38 AM