User Basics

CRM 101: Basic Training - Start Here!

The Dr. Berg CRM is a very powerful and feature rich application. It is designed not only to help sales reps manage their leads, but to help all customer-facing employees better manage the relationship between Dr. Berg Nutritionals and our customers.

If you are just starting with the CRM, you should study the following Articles:

  1. How to access the CRM

  2. Introduction to Inbox

  3. Introduction to Contacts, Prospects, and Customers

  4. Introduction to Work Items

  5. Introduction to Grids

  6. How to Mark a Message as "Read"

  7. Introduction to Quick Replies

  8. How to make a phone call in the CRM

  9. How to change your availability status

  10. CRM Inbox Basics - part 1

  11. Introduction to Call Recordings and Call Evaluations

  12. CRM Call Evaluation Basics - part 1

If you are a CRM Administrator, you should study these Articles:

  1. How to manage users

  2. How to manage extension numbers

  3. How to manage Knowledge Base - part 1

  4. How do you manage the Knowledge Base - part 2

  5. How to Create Company Announcements and/or Product Alerts

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023 16:47 PM