Natural Remedies

Do NOT Cook with This!!!

Seed Oils and Processing:

  • Composition: Seed oils are primarily composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs).

  • Processing: Many seed oils undergo refining processes that can involve heat and solvents.

  • Shelf Stability: Processing can increase the shelf life of seed oils.

Health Concerns:

  • Glycation: The combination of sugar, fat, and heat (e.g., in fried foods) can lead to glycation, which may have negative health effects.

  • Reheating and Toxicity: Repeatedly reheating oils (common in fast food) can lead to the formation of potentially harmful compounds.

  • Disease Association: Some studies suggest links between high seed oil consumption and conditions like insulin resistance, fatty liver disease, obesity, heart disease, and cancer. However, these associations are not universally agreed upon and require further research.

  • Soybean Oil: You specifically mention soybean oil as being particularly problematic, followed by corn, sunflower, and canola oil.

Healthier Alternatives:

  • You suggest healthier cooking oil options like avocado, coconut, palm, olive oil, beef tallow, butter, and ghee.

  • You emphasize lower-heat cooking methods like pan-frying, air-frying, and stir-frying.

Last updated: Jun 04, 2024 14:18 PM