Natural Remedies

Get Rid of Puffy Eyes for Good

Understanding Puffy Eyes: More Than Just Skin Deep

Puffy eyes and under-eye bags often signal an internal issue, especially if they're persistent. Here are some potential culprits and what you can do:

Kidney Health Matters

  • Why it happens: Kidneys filter waste, so issues can cause fluid buildup, including around the eyes. The liver also plays a role in detoxification.

  • Common causes: Too much cooked protein, not enough vegetables, alcohol, MSG, sugar, prostate issues (for men).

  • Solutions:

    • Moderate protein intake (3-6 oz per meal)

    • Boost vegetable intake (7-10 cups daily)

    • Kidney beans may offer support

Blood Sugar Imbalance

  • Why it happens: High blood sugar pulls water along with it, causing puffiness throughout the body.

  • Common causes: Hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

  • Solutions:

    • Same protein and vegetable guidelines as above.

    • Add healthy fats to meals for sustained energy and reduced snacking. 

Last updated: Apr 09, 2024 01:28 AM