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How to link Order Id to Calls


The Customer might call to the CRM for various enquiries including helping with ordering products. Also, during outbound calls in reaching back to the Customer, Dr. Berg Advisors might be asked to help ordering. For those calls, the CRM Rep can add the Magento Order Id to the call interaction so that they can be stored for reference as well as for reporting purpose, such as tracking inbound source for Sales.

How to link Order Id to Call interaction

  1. During the Inbound/ Outbound Call, in the Call Slat, there is a text field with the placeholder saying "Enter Order Id". The CRM Rep after creating the Order in Magento can copy the Order number and paste to this field.

    Once they click Save Note in the Callslat, the Linked Order Id would be added to the call interaction as following.

  2. In case CRM Rep forgets to enter the Order ID or enters the wrong Id and wants to update that, they can click the "Linked Order" tag in the call interaction to view details and edit the number if needed.
    Note: the Edit function would only be available for the call interaction's author and Admin users.

  3. Magento Linked Order pop-up would show when the User clicks on the tag, showing further details regarding the Order Id validation

Linked Order ID Validation

To prevent the CRM Rep from entering wrong information, there is a system's automatic validation process running daily at 2 AM ET to update the validation result based on pre-defined logic to the specified Order ID.

  1. At first, when the Order ID is just entered/ updated, it would be showed as "Pending for validation" and the tag would be in grey as pending indication.

  2. After the validation process, the Linked Order ID would be showed as Valid (in green) or Invalid (in Red).

    1. In general Valid Order Id should be the Order created by the Consultant who made the sale call within the [call duration + 2 hours]

    2. There are several reasons causing a Linked Order ID to be tagged as Invalid:

      1. No existing Order associated with the specified ID

      2. The Order is under other Rep's Name

      3. The Order's created date does not fall on acceptable time range (call duration + 2 hours)

      4. The Order Id is added to more than 1 Call interaction.

    3. For existing Order ID, there is "View Order in Magento" button to open the Order view in Magento site in another browser tab

  3. Technical Notes: the validation process would run daily after the Magento Customer and Order Sync, on the specified linked Order in "Pending for validation" and "Invalid".

Last updated: May 17, 2022 12:39 PM