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Magento Training

Magento Overview 


What is Magento? 

Magento is our ecommerce platform where all the orders placed by go into.  In Magento, you can place an order, look up the status of an order, & refund an order.   

A login will be given to you by your manager    

Magento link: 

  1. Finding an order 

Login to Magento: Go to SALES à click ORDERS  


Type in the order number under SEARCH FOR KEYWORD – then click enter.  


If you want to search by email address or name – click on FILTERS and search using the specific section, you want to search by.   This will show you what the customer ordered status: 


PROCESSING: has not been shipped out  

COMPLETE: Shipped out and tracking number is available  

Payment Review: Means this order has been flagged as suspected fraud. Email Brittany, our fraud specialist, for an update.  [email protected]  

Cancelled: Means it was suspected fraud and Brittany cancelled the order  

CLOSED: Order has been refunded  



To Check if an order was placed by a Sales Rep: 


Go to SALES à ORDERS à Search by order # like above and click ENTER  


The name of the person will appear under DEALER like below  




Go to SALES à ORDERS à Either type in NAME, EMAIL address or Order # then click ENTER 

Click VIEW order once found and then inside the order you will see TRACK ORDER à click on that for tracking information    



  1. Placing an order: 

Go to Magento (with your login)  

Click on SALES --> Orders --> Click on CREATE NEW ORDER 


Search for customer by email (if it's a returning customer) or click CREATE NEW CUSTOMER  


Click on the customer's name if it's an existing customer 

  1. Select the English US store: 


  1. Under ITEMS ORDERED --> Click on Add Products: 


  1. Enter the product name under the PRODUCT field  


If multiple options appear, check the Product SKU list to make sure you are selecting the correct SKU.  Product list and SKUs.xlsx This is important – to avoid any error messages while placing an order.   

Select the correct SKU by clicking under SELECT --> enter the quantity amount and click OK.  Ignore the SUBSCRIPTION section.  We currently do not have a subscription option within Magento.  


  1. If done correctly, it will look like --> Click on Add Selected Product(s) to Order 


Optional Step: If customer provides a code, enter it and click on the arrow next. 


  1. Enter the billing and shipping address if it’s a new customer.  Confirm billing and shipping if it's an existing customer. Please make sure to double check spelling if street names.  If you are unsure, ask the customer to spell it out to confirm. 




  1. Provide the shipping methods:  

*Always inform the customer that it would take 24-48hours (about 2 days) for our warehouse to process the order. In giving the shipping methods and timeframes, please use business days. 


  1. Get the card information and enter it here: 


  1. Provide a quick recap of the order and give the total amount before clicking on SUBMIT ORDER 

Video Walkthrough: 


  1. How to Process a Refund:  

Search for the order and click VIEW to open it  

  1. Click on Invoices under ORDER VIEW. 

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  1. Click on View under ACTION 

    1. Click on Credit Memo at the top  


    *If the refund is for the entire order, there is no need to make changes on the Qty to refund under QTY TO REFUND section 

    1. Delete or remove the “1” if the item is not included in the refund.  Then click UPDATE QTY’s at the bottom 

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    1. Delete the shipping amount under REFUND SHIPPING. The shipping fee is nonrefundable if the order was shipped out.  If an order is being refunded before it gets shipped out, then you issue a full refund back.   

    Once deleted, click on Update Totals 



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    1. Check the box for Email Copy so the customer will receive the refund confirmation and click REFUND  

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    Video Walkthrough: 

    The order status for the order will change to CLOSED 

This will automatically refund the customer back to their credit card, PayPal or amazon pay account.  No need to do anything else on those platforms.   

If the order was SHIPPED OUT and then refunded, the credit memo will automatically go into NetSuite.  

If an order was CANCELLED, meaning it did not get shipped out --> an additional step is needed so the order doesn’t stay PENDING FULFILLMENT in NetSuite.  

  1. Open up Refund log REFUNDS 2020 NEW.xlsx - NOTE: All refunds should be entered in this sheet 

  1. Fill out all the fields – if the order was cancelled, highlight in RED so Roxanna can process the refund in NetSuite.  Roxanna will turn the field GREEN once it has been done  

  1. Leave unhighlighted if the order was shipped out and then refunded.