Fitness Tips

The Best Types of Exercises for Recovery

There are three main types of muscle contractions:

  • Isometric: The muscle contracts, but its length stays the same (like holding a plank).

  • Concentric: The muscle shortens while contracting (like the upward phase of a bicep curl).

  • Eccentric: The muscle lengthens while contracting (like the downward phase of a bicep curl).

Why Eccentric Training Matters

Eccentric contractions offer unique benefits compared to concentric movements:

  • Muscle Growth: Eccentric training may lead to increased muscle size and strength.

  • Force Production: You can generate greater force during eccentric movements.

  • Efficient Repair: Eccentric focus promotes healthy muscle repair and recovery.

  • Metabolic Advantages: Eccentric training may be more efficient for boosting metabolism and reducing inflammation.

  • Specific Conditions: Eccentric exercises might benefit people with muscle loss (sarcopenia), reduced bone density (osteopenia), or tendon injuries.

Last updated: Mar 12, 2024 19:26 PM