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This Is One of the WORST Things You Can Eat

Liver problems often go unnoticed, but subtle signs like right shoulder blade pain or discomfort under the right rib cage can be indicators. Contrary to popular belief, liver damage isn't always permanent. This incredible organ has the unique ability to fully regenerate itself. Another misconception is that the liver stores toxins. Its role is to filter and neutralize them, not hoard them.

A major culprit for liver damage isn't a "food" at all, but rather seed oils. These oils are rife with inflammatory omega-6 fats, particularly linoleic acid. In contrast, animal fats like lard and tallow have significantly lower amounts. Seed oils contain oxidized linoleic acid, a substance that can cause serious harm to the liver and nervous system.

Unfortunately, seed oils make up a whopping 25-30% of the average diet. These oils get trapped in our fat cells and nervous system membranes, lingering for years. They can't even be used for energy! Instead, they contribute to liver inflammation and insulin resistance. Steer clear of seed oils, including common ones like canola, soy, and cottonseed, often masquerading as "vegetable oil".

Make it a habit to read food labels carefully and avoid any product containing seed oils. Swap them out for oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and opt for grass-fed meats over grain-fed. These small changes can make a world of difference for your liver health.

Last updated: May 17, 2024 15:03 PM