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What are the causes for constipation?

Constipation is the inability to empty your bowels. Some people struggle with constipation. There are four primary causes for it: A poor microbiome in the gut, low bile, low stomach acidity, and consuming too much fiber.

Cause #1: Poor gut microbiome

Your gut contains a lot of different friendly microbes that break down the food you eat. If your gut is lacking key microorganisms, you won’t be able to fully break down the foods you eat. This can cause problems with digestion and constipation.


  • Consume probiotics; you can take the “Effective probiotics” supplement

  • Consume fermented foods

    • sauerkraut

    • kimchi

    • pickles

    • plain whole-fat yogurt

    • plain organic kefir

    • kombucha tea

Cause #2: Low bile

Bile is made by the liver, is stored in your gallbladder and is used to help you digest fats and lubricate your colon. Lack of bile can cause constipation.


  • Consume purified bile salts

  • Consume more saturated fats

  • Do this acupressure technique on your gallbladder

Cause #3: Low stomach acidity

You need a highly acidic stomach to efficiently digest nutrients. If your stomach’s acidity is low, it will do a bad job in digestion of the food. This can overload your gut with undigested food which can cause constipation.


  • Consume these before your meals:

  • apple cider vinegar (1 to 2 teaspoons stirred into about a cup of water)

  • betaine hydrochloride

Cause #4: Too much fiber

If you have constipation, your intestines are already overloaded and bacteria in your gut are unable to handle digestion efficiently. Adding more fiber to your diet will overload it further. In fact, excess fiber in your diet, especially fiber from grains, can contribute to constipation (if there are digestion problems already).

When you already have constipation, apply the following remedies below.


  • Don’t add additional fiber (especially grains)

  • Apply remedies (from causes number 1,2,3) to improve digestion

  • You can gradually increase fibers in your diet

  • You can try adding fruit if nothing helps with constipation

  • Concurrently you can do intermittent fasting

Other causes:

  • Too much fat

  • Nuts or peanut butter (could stop digestion)

  • Allergy to lactose

  • Too much casein

  • Intolerance for certain vegetables

  • Drinking too much water without taking electrolytes

  • Too much stress

Last updated: Sep 05, 2023 19:06 PM