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What do different types of stool mean?

1. Hard little round chunks This is a sign of too much protein. Cut back on protein and avoid high-protein products, like protein shakes and protein bars.

2. Unformed flakes This is a sign of not enough enzymes. Many people who jump into a new diet have this problem. Take it slow so that your body has enough time to build up the right enzymes to break down your food.

3. Floating stool This is a sign of a lack of bile. When your bile is low, your body doesn’t fully digest fat. This leaves fat your stool, which floats in water.

4. Skid marks This is a sign of a lack of pancreas enzymes. This will often accompany dark tarry stool. A digestive enzyme formula can help with this.

5. Dry stool This is a sign of a lack of good gut bacteria. You can help fix this problem by consuming healthy probiotics.

Last updated: Aug 07, 2023 14:02 PM