Why are my triglycerides elevated on the Carnivore Diet?

While Dr. Berg has created content on the benfits of the Carnivore Diet, we are not specialists in the diet.  However, Healthy Keto, which we are specialists in, and the Carnivore Diet may both enter you into a state of ketosis due to the limited intake of carbohydrates.

In ketosis, the body starts using fat as the primary source of energy. This fat may come from stored fat in the body, even if the person is thin. Triglycerides are stored in the body's fat and are mobilized when the fat is converted to energy. This can cause an increase in triglyceride levels in the blood, which may decrease over time. However, some foods allowed in the Carnivore Diet may contain additional triglycerides that could also show up in the blood.

It's important to consult a medical professional to monitor and test any increase in triglyceride levels.

Here is a Dr. Berg video explaining the relationship between ketosis and elevated triglycerides. The video also includes tips on triglycerides testing as well as possible other reason for elevated levels -

Last updated: Feb 13, 2024 17:44 PM