Electrolyte Capsules

Why did the Recommended Usage for the Electrolyte Capsules change from 5 Capsules to 2?

At the 5 capsules recommended use of the Electrolyte Capsules product, the most recent batch of Electrolyte Capsules exceeded the Prop 65 lead warning levels.  The recommended use of capsules was reduced to meet the Prop 65 limits.  The 5 capsules recommended use can be taken to meet the level of electrolytes previously listed on the Electrolyte Capsules bottle.  

Though this batch of Electrolyte Capsules contains a slight amount more lead, it is still well below the FDA limits, which is well below any level of toxicity or danger to one's health.

Dr. Berg created a video outlining the Prop 65 warning and limits - Lead in Nutritional Products: MUST WATCH

Last updated: Apr 05, 2024 20:29 PM