Why was calcium added to the Vitamin D3 & K2 with Zinc & MCT Oil when Dr. Berg says does not recommend calcium supplementation?

The calcium found in the Vitamin D3 & K2 with Zinc & MCT Oil is naturally derived from the ingredients in the product, primarily the MCT Oil. No amount of calcium has been added to the formulation.

While Dr. Berg does not recommend specific calcium supplementation, calcium is crucial for overall health and wellness. Typically calcium supplementation is not required as adequate amounts can be obtained through a healthy diet, especially vegetables which pull calcium from the soil. Dairy can also be a good source of calcium.

However, one form of calcium supplementation should be avoided; calcium carbonate supplementation. Dr. Berg has created videos about the adverse effects of calcium carbonate - and

There is no calcium carbonate in the Vitamin D3 & K2 with Zinc & MCT Oil.

Additionally, all calcium, whether supplemented or acquired from your diet, needs vitamin K2 to help move the calcium out of the bloodstream, where it can create coronary calcification and subsequently heart disease, and into the bones. Vitamin D3 & K2 with Zinc & MCT Oil contains 50.3 mcg, 40% of the Recommended Daily Value.

Last updated: Dec 25, 2023 15:27 PM