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Alkaline Water: Natural vs. Artificial

Alkaline Water: Natural vs. Artificial

Natural alkaline water is sourced from springs or wells, rich with essential minerals like calcium and potassium. These natural resources pass over rocks in the earth and pick up various minerals, affecting their pH and taste.

Health Benefits of Natural Alkaline Water

This mineral-rich natural alkaline water can help replenish our body's mineral reserves. Drinking it could aid hydration more than regular water due to these added nutrients.

Consuming a diet with more fresh produce can help to neutralize the acidity in our bodies caused by an abundance of processed foods, which is why natural alkaline water could be beneficial.

Potential Dangers of Artificial Alkaline Water

In contrast, artificially created alkaline water uses machines to alter its pH levels without adding any beneficial minerals.

The electricity-based process these machines use separates molecules in the water into acidic and basic parts - leading to an increased pH level but lacking essential nutrients in naturally occurring versions.

This type of ‘empty’ alkalinization may lead you down a slippery slope towards potential health issues such as metabolic imbalances if consumed excessively – a topic we'll explore further.

Last updated: May 19, 2024 19:37 PM