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Am I consuming too much fat?

Let's just talk about dietary fat. If you were to eat fat, let's say you ate so much fat per day, and with that fat you had some carbohydrates, now we're going to just go storage, storage, storage. Because your body's only running on glucose, and you can't tap into that reserve. When you're in keto, now you can actually burn the fat. Now does that mean you can just eat unlimited fat and it's all going to get burned? No.

Here's various factors. Number one, your age, your metabolism, how much insulin resistance you have, which will determine how much fat you'll have actually being burned. So it's kind of, there's just, it's hard to give you more of an answer than that.

That's just the general concept. But if you do this and you notice, wow, not losing weight, even though you're in ketosis, because those ketones could be coming from dietary fat, it really, probably the best way to determine if it's being stored is if you're gaining weight, which is going to be very unlikely. You just might not be losing as much weight.

So there is a point of like too much fat. So does fat get stored like a carbohydrate would get stored because of a carbohydrate? No. What determines whether it gets stored is two things. One is how much of that fat you're using as energy or not, and then also what's going on with your insulin levels. It really depends on if you're doing carbs with that fat, right? That's really the key. If you keep your carbs really, really low, I mean like if you like, if it's zero and you're doing fat, it's very unlikely you're going to be burning that fats.

A good amount of it will be eliminated through the digestive system as well, but it's not(4:51) just going to be converted over there because the pathway of the metabolism of fat is actually (4:59) very different than glucose.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2024 14:17 PM