Keto Food Questions

Are brown rice cakes keto?

No, brown rice cakes aren’t keto-friendly, either. 

While brown rice offers some nutritional advantages over white rice - such as more dietary fiber - these benefits are minimal. Brown rice-based products still contain considerable amounts of carbs that can interfere with fat-burning and push you out of ketosis.

Additionally, brown rice-derived snacks like crackers or chips often include other ingredients such as sugars, flour, or syrups, increasing their net carb content.

Rice cake net carbs:

  • White rice cakes: 7g per piece

  • Brown rice cakes: 6g per piece

  • Caramel rice cake: 11g per piece

Rice cakes aren't a good option for individuals on a keto diet due to their considerable carb content and the adverse effect on glucose levels.

Instead, exploring keto-friendly snack alternatives that align with your dietary goals is best.

Last updated: May 30, 2024 15:03 PM