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Are celery and nut butter good on Keto?

Absolutely, yes! Celery and nut butter can be a good alternative to salad for some people. It’s hard for some people to consume the amount of salad that they need, but eating celery with peanut butter is easier. 

The peanut butter or nut butter should be organic and shouldn’t have any added sugar. There also shouldn’t be any extra oils in the peanut butter other than peanut oil. If you do choose celery with peanut butter instead of salad, you may want to consume a good amount of it.  Celery is low carb, but high fiber. Fiber is a carb, but it doesn’t affect your blood sugar. 

A few celery nutrition facts:

• Starch—0 

• Potassium (per cup of celery)—262mg

• Sodium (per cup of celery)— 80mg

A few benefits of celery with nut butter:

1. An alternative to salad

2. It can help pH and reduce the risk of gout

3. It can help reduce hunger (because of the fat in the nut butter)

4. It can help lower stress 

5. It can help a person sleep

6. It can help support healthy blood pressure levels 

Last updated: Mar 20, 2023 02:39 AM