Different Foods Questions and Facts

Are heirloom chickens and eggs the same as pasture-raised?

It really depends on what you feed these chickens. This morning I was watching a chicken in the woods, one of our chickens, just eating worms and bugs and things like that. That would be the ideal situation. There is some feeds that are no soy, no corn. That would be the feed I would recommend for a chicken.

If you have chickens or if you could work with local farmer that can not feed the chicken a high amounts of soy and corn, because that will raise the Omega six fatty acid levels, which I found out with my chickens. So I changed feed and I'm going to do another test real soon, but that's important.

It's this terrible that when you like a cage free chicken, is ridiculous. Because they might not have a cage, but they're still have about a 12 foot, a 12 inch space to live in. So it's terrible.

You want free range, which I think the definition of free range can be, if I'm not mistaken, 17 feet square feet, which is a little bit better, but I'd rather just find a farm that they let their chickens just go wherever.

Last updated: Mar 18, 2024 15:55 PM