Keto Diet Facts & Tips

Are Keto pills necessary?

Ketones don’t help you burn fat in the body. They are the result of the fat being burned in the body.

1. Exogenous Ketones – Exo is from the Greek word meaning “outside”. Exogenous means taking from outside the body, which doesn’t help you burn the fat.

2. Electrolytes – It is important when you do ketosis, especially in the beginning because, in the adaptation process, you need these minerals to avoid some of the transitional side effects. It can also speed up the processes of getting into ketosis and when you do intermittent fasting. *There are some electrolytes that have a lot of sugar, or are sometimes too high in sodium and very low in other minerals, especially potassium.

3. B Vitamins (nutritional yeast) – It is very important when you do a ketogenic diet in the transition phase or as you are adapting to the burning of fat.

4. MCT Oil

5. Herbs – Supports insulin resistance Chromium Bitter Melon Green Tea Gymnema Goats Rue Berberine Cinnamon

Last updated: Jun 13, 2024 14:59 PM