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Are Keto snacks safe to eat on Keto?

There are so many different kinds of keto snacks available now, like protein bars, keto bombs, and much more. But, these keto snacks can actually decrease your results significantly. You’re going to plateau. 

The goal of keto is to decrease and normalize insulin. Every time you eat anything of significant calories, you will spike insulin. So, the more frequent the meals, the more insulin you’re going to have, and the less progress you’re going to make with weight loss and your overall health. 

Low-calorie foods like vegetables won’t spike insulin too much, especially if it’s filled with fiber, like leafy greens. So, this could be an exception. 

Let’s say you’re doing intermittent fasting, and your first meal is at 12 pm, and your next meal is at 7 pm. But, you have a snack in between because this time is technically your eating window. I don’t recommend doing this. I don’t recommend eating anything during the day except for during your first meal and second meal. So, after 7 pm, you would fast again until 12 pm the next day. To really see some significant changes, you may want to work up to an 18 hour fast. However, some people may need to go up to 20 hours or even 23 hours of fasting. 

A lot of keto snacks and keto bombs are okay to have, but you should only eat them with your meal. 

Last updated: Jan 23, 2023 00:17 AM