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Are there any bad habits that affect your brain?

Top things that negatively affect your brain:

1. Chronic exposure to bad news

2. Toxic personalities

3. Spending too much time inside

4. Low-fat, low-cholesterol diets

5. High-grain diets

6. High-sugar diets

7. Low-stress to no stress at all

8. High-stress

9. Snacking

10. Things that decrease gut microbes

11. Consuming grain-fed animal products

One of the most surprising things on this list is grain-fed animal products. I recently participated in an interesting beef nutrient-density study. This study compared the beef from my farm to grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef, looking at factors that contribute to health and disease. It turns out that the beef from my farm was significantly higher in phytonutrients and vitamin B3. It also had a fantastic omega-6 fatty acid to omega-3 fatty acid ratio. Not only that, but the beef I sent was low in glycation end-products and homocysteine, which are both harmful to the brain.

Grass-fed beef also did much better than grain-fed beef when looking at these same factors. My beef may have done best because I raise my cattle on pastures with a diversity of weeds for the cows to consume. Overall, it’s crucial to consume grass-fed, grass-finished beef or 100% grass-fed beef to support your brain and your overall health.

Last updated: Dec 25, 2023 15:34 PM