Keto Food Questions

Are there any hidden carbs in my keto food?

Unmasking Hidden Carbs in Your Diet

Unmasking Hidden Carbs in Your Diet sheds light on the often overlooked sources of carbohydrates, offering insight into how seemingly innocuous foods can contribute to carb intake.

By uncovering these hidden sources, individuals can make more informed dietary choices and better manage their carbohydrate consumption. This article aims to empower readers with the knowledge to navigate their diet effectively and achieve their health goals.

The Sneaky Sources of Carbs

Foods like yogurt and those labeled as keto-friendly often hide more carbs than you'd think. Despite being marketed for low-carb dieters, they can secretly sabotage your progress.

This happens because manufacturers sometimes use sweeteners and fillers that add to the carb count.

To sidestep these snares, it's paramount to scrutinize ingredient lists with great care. Not all products that seem diet-friendly are created equal.

For example, some yogurts may be packed with added sugars or fruit compotes, significantly increasing their carbohydrate content.

Moreover, many packaged foods touted as suitable for a ketogenic lifestyle contain hidden carbs in the form of starches and sugar alcohols. While they might fit within a technical definition of 'low-carb,' they could still disrupt ketosis if consumed in large quantities.

Last updated: Apr 24, 2024 14:21 PM