Intermittent Fasting

Are there any negative aspects of intermittent fasting?

The cons of intermittent fasting:

1. You’ll have to buy all new clothes (because of all of the weight you’ll lose)

2. It’s not good for people trying to gain weight

3. It could inhibit your social life 

4. It may offend people 

5. You might miss the sensation of food

6. It’s not good for someone with an eating disorder

A few potential benefits of intermittent fasting:

• Losing belly fat 

• Neurogenesis (regrowing brain cells) 

• Fixing insulin resistance

• Decreasing the risk of heart problems

• Decreasing blood pressure 

• Decreasing the risk of cancer 

• Decreasing the risk of stroke

Last updated: Jan 28, 2023 01:10 AM