Intermittent Fasting

Can a frail senior parent do Intermittent Fasting?


• If your parent is thin, you don’t want them to lose weight


• Neurogenesis

• Increase Stem Cells

• Extend Life

Do a version of intermittent fasting that doesn’t restrict the calories. Calculate the calories and push them into two meals or less frequently without reducing the calories. Make sure that the fat is high enough to prevent weight loss.

The key is to keep their calorie intake high which also means to keep the fat higher. Add fermented vegetables because it is very important for the elderly to start establishing the flora and getting the pH correct. Vitamin K2 is vital as well because it helps remove calcification as we age. It also improves and strengthens the output of the mitochondria.

Recommended K2: 100mg – 10,000IUs of vitamin D (MK7 version)

Stomach Support: Betaine Hydrochloride or Apple Cider Vinegar

Last updated: Jan 29, 2023 20:41 PM