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Can fenugreek help with hair loss when taking creatine?

There's several mechanisms here and there could be several reasons why there's hair loss in the first place. We're dealing with protein and in order to make a protein grow you also need co-factors or co-enzymes like minerals and trace minerals like zinc, copper and selenium, especially. Those are the three that are really important to allow certain proteins to be activated. The other thing is the DHT which is really has to do with a very powerful form of testosterone. Fenugreek is a good one. And if the problem of your loss of hair is has to do with your the follicles, the root follicles are being burnt out because of this powerful testosterone then fenugreek should produce results.

A couple of things that I always recommend for hair is the trace minerals and then more B vitamins very important.

Last updated: Jun 22, 2024 01:56 AM