Keto Food Questions

Can I consume beets, carrots, peas and tomatoes on Keto?

This is a great question that can be confusing for many people starting keto. Let me break it down.

Foods (even vegetables) with high amounts of carbohydrates—especially sugars—can kick you out of ketosis. If the fiber is higher, it may help buffer the carbs and sugars somewhat.

BEETS Potassium 442mg Carbohydrates 13g Sugar 9g Protein 2.2g Fiber 3.8g Safe on keto?: No, unless you’re already at your desired weight.

CARROTS Potassium 195mg Carbohydrates 6g Sugar 2.9g Protein .6g Fiber 1.7g Safe on keto?: Yes.

PEAS Potassium 354mg Carbohydrates 21g Sugar 8g Protein 8g Fiber 7g Safe on keto?: No.

TOMATOES Potassium 292mg Carbohydrates 4.8g Sugar 3.2g Protein 1.1g Fiber 1.5g Safe on keto?: Yes.

POTATOES Potassium 897mg Carbohydrates 37g Sugar 1.7g Protein 4.3g Fiber 4.7g Safe on keto?: No.

CORN Potassium 476mg Carbohydrates 123g Sugar 1g Protein 16g Safe on keto?: No.

ARTICHOKEs (Jerusalem) Potassium 644mg Carbohydrates 26g Sugar 14g Protein 3g Fiber 2.4g Safe on keto?: No.

Beets are fantastic for your liver and supply nutrients to the body. However, they may kick you out of keto if you have too much. Artichoke is the absolute worst vegetable to have on keto because they are very carbohydrate-dense.

Last updated: Aug 28, 2023 14:08 PM