Prenatal Vitamin

Can I consume Prenatal Vitamin if I'm pregnant?

Of course! Dr. Berg Natural Prenatal Multivitamin is thoughtfully designed with the unique needs of motherhood in mind. It’s an exceptional source of nutrition for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Most prenatal multivitamins don’t contain trace minerals and omegas and are made with low-quality nutrients that can't be absorbed efficiently.

We formulated Dr. Berg Natural Prenatal Multivitamin to provide a comprehensive blend of essential nutrients to boost your nutrients.

And, what’s more, Dr. Berg Natural Prenatal Multivitamin delivers a daily dose of superfoods. Each serving is loaded with our proprietary wholefood blend made from premium-quality spinach, broccoli, carrot, beet, tomato, shiitake mushrooms, apple, cranberry, orange, blueberry, and strawberry.

*We recommend consulting with your doctor if you have any concerns about taking a new supplement.

Last updated: Jun 10, 2024 16:56 PM