Keto Food Questions

Can I consume Red Bull on keto?

No. In theory, energy drinks are supposed to help increase brain energy, exercise performance and endurance. However, most energy drinks will actually cause brain fog and reduce exercise performance – and the ingredients will deplete the cells.

The big problem with energy drinks is that the ingredients don’t give you real energy. These drinks are composed mostly of caffeine and sugar. Caffeine is not a fuel, it’s a stimulant. It makes you think you have energy, but really it’s just revving up your adrenal glands. There are also crazy amounts of sugar in energy drinks, which will later make you more tired and grumpy, and will make you want another energy drink. A lot of this sugar is not just glucose. It’s fructose.

These drinks also contain a lot of sodium and not enough potassium. You need to look for an energy drink that has all of the electrolytes, the electrically charged minerals that really do help to energize your cells. Potassium helps recharge the batteries in your cells. Magnesium feeds the mitochondria.

Last updated: Apr 15, 2023 02:32 AM