Intermittent Fasting

Can I do intermittent fasting if I’m on a high carb diet?

Intermittent fasting can be challenging if you have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Without regular meals, your blood sugar levels can drop, causing irritability, mood swings, and other unpleasant symptoms. This puts unnecessary stress on your body.

A safer approach is to adapt to a ketogenic diet first. This helps your body transition to using ketones (from fat) for energy. Once you're comfortable with the ketogenic diet, gradually introduce intermittent fasting. Start by skipping snacks between regular meals, then slowly delay breakfast until you're comfortably eating just one meal a day.

The goal is to train your body to efficiently switch between using glucose and ketones for fuel. This way, you can manage longer fasting periods without experiencing blood sugar crashes.

Last updated: May 20, 2024 16:11 PM