Keto Food Questions

Can I do keto even if I don’t like vegetables?

Not healthily, and here’s why.

The problem is that you will be burning a lot of fat, and you need to keep the fat going through the liver and gallbladder. Vegetables are going to provide you with needed nutrients and they are going to help organs like the liver to work better.

Dr. Berg recommends 7 to 10 cups of vegetables a day. Without vegetables it will be hard to flush out those organs.

If you aren’t in love with veggies you can try kale shakes with added berries to hide the taste, or take wheatgrass juice; you can use dips, fermented veggies, green powders, food concentrates, steamed spinach with protein, etc.

Health benefits from consuming a lot of vegetables will support your body while in ketosis and will prevent any potential keto side effects.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2023 14:54 PM