Natural Remedies

Can I drink an antimicrobial formula with Manuka honey and still get the benefits of autophagy?

Unfortunately no, because out of all the things you can eat, of course, fructose, glucose, that's what honey is made out of can raise insulin, and insulin is the factor that kind of inhibits autophagy. So you really are not gonna get the benefit of that. You have other things you probably could eat would be better. You can have celery, that would probably help you a lot more. But of course, I know there's some good properties in honey. So maybe if you're taking it to help yourself with a sore throat or you can put it topically on a burn if it's like. Manuka honey has some amazing properties. And you can use it for many different things as an antimicrobial. But there's so many more antimicrobial things that you can ingest that don't create that effect.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 15:16 PM