Keto Food Questions

Can I eat mushrooms on a ketogenic diet?

Yes, you can. Here is a list of very powerful mushrooms and their benefits.

1. Reishi mushrooms:

  • Have the ability to create natural killer cells

  • Can increase the number of white blood cells

  • Have potential anticancer effects

  • Can decrease fatigue

  • May help stabilize blood sugar levels

    2. Shiitake mushrooms:

  • Have the same amino acids as meat

  • Can decrease LDL

  • May lessen the amyloid plaquing in the brain

  • May help decrease blood pressure

  • Could potentially inhibit leukemia

    3. Lion’s mane mushrooms:

  • Could help prevent dementia

  • Are great for focus, concentration and memory

  • Can increase the cell growth in the hippocampus

    4. Chaga mushrooms:

  • Are antibacterial

  • Are antiviral

  • Are potentially anticancer

    5. Cordyceps mushrooms:

  • Can support exercise performance, exercise endurance and strength

  • Can help a person cope with stress and lessen the effect of stress on the body

  • Could potentially help with chronic kidney disease

  • Could potentially help with arrhythmias

    6. Turkey tail mushrooms:

  • Are potentially anticancer

  • Can support the immune system

  • Can increase monocytes and phagocytes

    7. Maitake mushrooms:

  • May help with adrenal stress

  • Can help increase the ability to cope with stress

  • Are good for anxiety

  • Are potentially anticancer

Last updated: Mar 18, 2024 16:11 PM