Weight Loss

Can I eat what I crave?

If you’re on keto, you’re probably doing it for health reasons or weight loss. But if you’re not on keto, what motivates you to eat?  It’s dangerous to ask your body what it’s in the mood for because you’re really asking what’s going on with your blood sugars. If your blood sugars are low, your answer will likely be refined carbohydrates. 

Some people eat to try to raise their mood. Others eat just because there’s food there. It’s best not to have junk food available in your house because if it’s there, you might be more likely to start eating it without even thinking about it. 

Our bodies have a mechanism to crave sodium foods. We do not have a mechanism to crave potassium foods. Our bodies retain salt, but they cannot really retain potassium. This gets people in trouble because they will ask their body what they’re in the mood for, and they will think they want something salty. They will start consuming a lot of sodium and not potassium, which will alter the correct ratio and can cause fluid retention and even more cravings. 

What to do:

• When you eat, start with your vegetables first, and then have your salty protein. 

• Find keto-friendly healthy foods that give you a lot of pleasure. 

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 16:14 PM