Keto Diet Facts & Tips

Can I take melatonin on keto?

I’m not recommending taking melatonin–unless you are using it for a specific condition. Your body can make its own melatonin naturally.

It’s true that your melatonin levels will drop with age, but you can support them through your diet and other lifestyle choices.

Here’s how you can improve your melatonin levels:

  • Avoid light at night

  • Get plenty of sun and vitamin D during the day

  • Decrease your exposure to blue light in the evening

  • Avoid eating before bed

  • Get your glucose under control (low-carb keto diet!)

  • Avoid TV before bed

The best foods for improving melatonin are mushrooms, eggs, fish and nuts.

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023 15:39 PM