Keto Food Questions

Can I use stevia in my diet?

For the most part, if you can get stevia by itself, it’s going to be okay. Ideally, get the stevia that’s green and not white; the white has a lot of unneeded chemicals. It’s very important to read the labels on the things you buy. Just because something might be “keto-friendly” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. That can be the case with stevia on keto. The problems with some brands of stevia sweetener:

• Stevia in the Raw – contains maltodextrin (the sweetener highest on the glycemic index)

• Sweet Leaf – contains inulin (can create bloating)

• Better Stevia – contains organic cane alcohol

• Pyure Stevia – organic stevia and natural flavors (likely to be GMO ingredients)

Last updated: May 13, 2023 17:57 PM