Keto Food Questions

Can kids consume cereal?

Cereal for kids isn’t recommended.

The worst time to feed someone cereal is when they’re an infant. Infant rice cereal is very popular. It contains inorganic arsenic. Infants also don’t have the enzymes to digest the cereal.

In the soils where grains and plants are grown, there is always going to be some arsenic in very small amounts. This is called organic arsenic. Our bodies can actually deal with this very easily. But, inorganic arsenic is different and is not healthy.

There is even an interesting study that talks about the exposure of infants to cereal increasing the risk of autoimmune diseases.

The other big problem is the amount of sugar in cereals. This sugar could set the child up for blood sugar issues down the road. With some cereals, 1 cup contains the amount of sugar that’s in a Twinkie.

The whole grains in cereal contain phytate. Phytate is a chemical in grains that will block the absorption of zinc and other important minerals.

Additionally, some kids have an allergy to gluten, which is in many kinds of cereal.

GMO grains have also been exposed to glyphosate, which can create problems with the immune system.

This is all in addition to the fact that fortification of cereal with synthetic vitamins can also cause problems.

Last updated: Apr 15, 2023 12:43 PM