Keto Diet Facts & Tips

Can kids do keto?

Probably not as hardcore as what I would recommend for you, but I would definitely go low carb and maybe they can get away with more fruit. Maybe they can get away with occasional sweet potatoes. But definitely don't do the sweets like normal people give their kids, right? Don't do the cereals, don't do the grains with these kids. And honestly, what I would do too is I would do three solid meals, but I wouldn't do a lot of snacks either. A lot of times parents just want to keep giving their kids all these snacks between meals. That's not the best thing because you're like this constant spike of insulin early. Kids have a very fast metabolism. If they're active they can burn off some of the extra carbs from the fruit and things like that.

Last updated: Apr 01, 2024 14:29 PM