Intermittent Fasting

Can teens do fasting?

Sometimes you hear negative opinions about whether fasting is good for teenagers. Statements like how you don’t want to deprive teens of carbohydrates, which is inaccurate. You don’t want them to consume excess amounts of carbohydrates that keep their insulin raised to unhealthy levels.

Start by having your teen skip breakfast. If you ask a teenager if they’re hungry when they wake up in the morning, many times they’ll say they aren’t. Then they shouldn’t eat if they’re not hungry!

If you had your teen consume a meal at 12pm and 6pm, that gives a 6-hour eating window with an 18-hour fasting window in a 24-hour period. This pattern would give them huge benefits:

● Improved cognitive function

● Mood elevation, especially if they have anxiety or depression

● Weight loss

● Eliminate their acne. I wish I’d known about this, because I used to have terrible acne, and I didn’t really know what to do. I just thought I needed to scrub harder with soap.

But you want them to do fasting in a healthy way. Combine it with healthy keto because you don’t want them to fast while eating junk food. Make sure they eat lots of leafy greens, perhaps in large salads. Realize you’re not starving your teen. You’d have to make them go for a long period of time and not give them nutrients, for fasting to harm them.

You want to provide your teen with nutrients from healthy keto, so they have what they need. You’re not depriving them of calories, you’re simply reducing the number of times they eat. The hunger and cravings will go away. They’ll feel better, and their school performance will improve. If you load them up with carbohydrates, they’ll feel dopey and want to take naps.

When they’re transitioning to keto, make sure they take plenty of electrolytes, B vitamins, and sea salt.

Last updated: Jan 28, 2023 13:58 PM