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Do I need supplements if I'm already healthy?

First, I’ll ask, what does healthy mean? You may think if you’re not on any medications or grossly overweight that you’re healthy. But the definition of health is someone who has amazing energy, sleeps well, has no inflammation in their body, and has good digestion and adrenal function. Your body functions are all optimal.

I haven’t found anyone like that! We all have body issues. If your health is perfect, you may not need supplements. But even so, it’s very difficult to find food that contains all the nutrients you need because in America the soils are depleted. They’re empty, unlike other parts of the world like Africa, where the soil is abundant with nutrients. If you were raised on food grown on incredibly fertile soil, that’s an entirely different conversation. But in the US the soil is empty; so, our food is empty. And you can only get so many nutrients from food grown in depleted soil.

Your history has a lot to do with your current health, in terms of your diet, stress, and exercise. Which is another reason you need supplements: to support weak links in your health caused by your history. Usually, these problems show up in your digestion, adrenals, inflammatory conditions, and sleep issues.

To detoxify, you need substantial amounts of vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables. And most people don’t realize how much food you have to consume to get your basic required daily amounts of nutrients. For example, your body needs 4,700 mg of potassium daily. Rarely does anyone consume seven to ten cups of high-quality vegetables every day to reach this amount of potassium? I’ve created a number of supplements to help add nutrients, but also provide support in the health areas that can be your weakest link.

Last updated: Mar 08, 2024 15:02 PM