Keto Food Questions

Do I need to stop eating fruit?

No, you can still do berries. You can do the berries, but the other fruit tends to be higher in sugar. Now, there is a group of carnivore keto people who are now doing adding fruit and honey. And the reason that some people are able to get away with it because they've now become metabolically flexible. So their insulin resistance is no longer a problem. They can get away with it. But some people can't, probably most people can't. And so that's why I'm not recommending it because if you can't break it down and your mitochondria can't use it, then it's just going to create more of a problem. So it's not the majority, but there are exceptions to the rule where people can handle it and they seem to do fine, especially if they're exercising and burning it off.

Last updated: Mar 04, 2024 16:00 PM