Keto Diet Facts & Tips

Do the same rules of Keto apply to a type 1 diabetic?

I just interviewed someone on this one topic. But he was a fascinating interview, this doctor who actually not, not only was he a type one diabetic, but he ran 20 miles five days in a row and on no calories. He fasted for five days and he did fine.

So the same rules apply, same rules apply. There's all this false information that we need more carbs if we're a type one diabetic for some reason, but then you're going to just take more insulin. The whole goal is to take the least amount of insulin because that extra insulin creates more problems.

So yeah, it's the same, same rules. But of course, because you don't have insulin, then you have no way of controlling your carbs when you eat. So you have to monitor that level.

And there's one condition with type one diabetes that we should bring up. It's called diabetic ketoacidosis. And that's a situation where you forget to take your insulin and you're a type one and your ketones are out of control.They go way, way, way too high. But that condition is not going to occur if you control your blood sugars with your medication. And it's definitely not going to occur if you're not a diabetic.

Last updated: Feb 19, 2024 15:43 PM