Hair Formula

Do you have a simple tip for hair growth?

My #1 tip for hair growth and thicker hair is to consume gelatin. You could use either gelatin, unflavored and unsweetened Jell-O, or hydrolyzed collagen. 

How gelatin can potentially help increase hair growth: 

• It’s 99% protein 

• It has amino acids and peptides 

• It increases blood flow and blood volume 

Gelatin may help provide the raw material needed and boost blood flow to add some additional help when it comes to hair growth—even if there is an autoimmune component or genetic weakness. 

You may want to try 10 to 14 grams (1 Tbsp) of gelatin powder per day with L-cysteine or NAC and saw palmetto. 

Last updated: Feb 05, 2023 16:56 PM