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Does Apple cider vinegar (ACV) burn your stomach?

Normally when a person has acid reflux, GERD, heartburn, indigestion, or bloating then consuming apple cider vinegar is helpful. But sometimes it can make your situation worse. If you have an ulcer, putting apple cider vinegar on it will make it burn. The same goes if you have gastritis, or a general inflammation of the digestive system. Putting acid on an inflamed area makes it worse, so you want to avoid taking apple cider vinegar. But first, take a little to see if it helps or makes your situation worse.

You may also have low stomach acid, which is the more common situation. Your stomach is normally very acidic. If it’s not acidic enough, your body can’t properly digest food. You also need enough acid to allow your body to release enough bile from the liver, and enzymes from your pancreas.

If apple cider vinegar burns your digestive system, then you need to heal the problem. Dr. Berg's first recommendation is that you consume chlorophyll in a supplement or in wheat grass juice powder. Chlorophyll is a great healer, but it does take a number of months. Once your stomach is healed, then take apple cider vinegar again.

A good probiotic is also important. Not only is it a defense mechanism against the pathogens that cause ulcers and inflammation, probiotics will aid in more complete digestion throughout your digestive tract.

Last updated: Sep 13, 2023 19:09 PM