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Does caffeines cause migraines?

87% of Americans drink coffee. On average, they consume 164mg of caffeine each day. Studies show that two or more caffeinated beverages each day can trigger migraines. 3-4 caffeinated beverages a day increases your risk of migraines by 1.5X, and five servings increase your risk by 2X.

Other migraine triggers include:

• Weather

• Sleep

• Stress

• Low blood sugar

• Loud noises

• Bright lights

I’ve narrowed down some remedies for migraine headaches.

1. Decrease or eliminate your caffeine

2. Take magnesium

3. Go on a healthy keto diet

4. Increase your sodium

5. Massage your gallbladder

6. Take sea kelp

Last updated: Feb 23, 2024 15:28 PM