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Does carb consumption cause brain fog?

Brain fog is when you feel absent-minded, spaced out, or generally unable to focus on the task at hand for no clear reason. There are two primary causes of brain fog: aging and chronic consumption of glucose.


  • Lapse of awareness

  • Forgetfulness

  • Can’t focus

  • Easily distracted

Cause #1: Consumption of too many refined carbs and sugar

Our brain cells consume different types of fuel in order to function. One of them is glucose (blood sugar). When you consume too many carbs, as a side effect your brain eventually becomes starved of fuel. This results in brain fog symptoms. The good thing is that your body has a better source of fuel--ketones (a byproduct of fat burning).


  • Avoid refined carbs and sugar

  • Do the Healthy Keto® diet

  • Do intermittent fasting

  • Consume healthy fats, such as:

    • butter

    • eggs

    • organic poultry and beef (full-fat)

    • fatty wild-caught fish

    • olive oil

    • coconut oil

    • avocado

    • nuts and seeds

  • MCT oil

  • Get plenty of quality sleep (7 to 8 hours per day)

Last updated: Apr 28, 2023 01:30 AM