Keto Diet Facts & Tips

Does Keto cure diabetes?

Someone recently wanted to talk to me because she said that keto didn't cure her diabetes like "I said" it would. I don't remember ever using the word cure. But, I do believe that it will help fix a person's blood sugars and help normalize a person's A1C. I asked her a few questions to find out what was going on. She said she was on the program for 6 weeks, and her blood sugars were normalized, and she even was able to get off of her medication. But then she went back to her normal diet, and her diabetes came back.

Here was the problem. With keto, about 5% of the calories should be carbs. With her diet (the average American diet), 65% of the calories are carbs. The current food pyramid recommends that 45-65% of your calories should be carbohydrates. That's going from about 23g of carbs per day to 300g of carbs per day. That's 13x more carbs than I believe a person should consume.

A normal blood sugar level should be about 80. This means that you should have no more than one teaspoon of sugar in your blood. I don't believe the body is supposed to have the "normal" amount of carbohydrates.

The number of carbs a person has on the keto diet should be the "normal" amount. The keto diet should be the normal diet. The actual normal diet (that she was consuming) can potentially lead to diabetes. We're not trying to cure diseases with a certain treatment. We're simply trying to bring people back to the real normal diet, which is the keto diet.

The keto diet is a normal way of eating to maintain your health and to help avoid potential complications of the "normal" American diet.

Last updated: Dec 25, 2023 15:12 PM